Lusheng Law Firm (“Lusheng”) is a Chinese law firm, specialising in Intellectual Property (IP) law and litigation. It is also a patent agency authorised by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO). With headquarters in Beijing, Lusheng provides top quality specialised legal and patent agency services to clients throughout China.


We have been involved in a range of leading IP cases in China, from patent and trade mark cases to cases involving trade secrets and unfair competition. Several of these cases have been recognised as leading cases by the Courts and granted ‘best case’ awards by various IP institutions.


Our lawyers have trained at the top law schools in China and abroad, a number obtaining higher level degrees and qualifications from leading universities in Great Britain, Germany, the USA as well as China. In addition, many have extensive experience working in both domestic and international law firms and IP agencies.


We are able to communicate with clients in a number of languages including Chinese, English and German, and have established close relationships with both foreign IP firms and other domestic agents.

Lusheng is a specialised IP law firm and patent agency, providing a full range of IP services, including infringement analysis, litigation, patent agency services, and other related legal advice.
  IP litigation
Patent infringement and patent defence; trade mark infringement; copyright infringement; trade dress infringement; trade name infringement; trade secret; domain name dispute; anti-monopoly/antitrust.

Apart from the above litigation areas, our lawyers have made appreciable contributions in other areas, including:
  • criminal enforcement against counterfeit goods and copyright piracy;
  • administrative litigation involving patents and trade marks, and litigation against administrative authorities for specific administrative acts.
  Patent agency
Conducting Freedom to Operate and patent searches; patent applications (invention, utility model and design);patent infringement analyses and validity assessment; invalidity applications; and civil and administrative patent litigation;
  IP law consultancy
Development of IP protection strategies; IP management consultancy services; development and implementation of strategies to combat counterfeiting and piracy; preparation of IP infringement analysis reports; and development of IP litigation strategies.